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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The "eyes" have it

We live in a time when some people who love to talk about evolution get nervous if you talk to them about God and their salvation. Why not open the door their way? Here is an example:
Evolutionary textbooks speculate that eyes gradually evolved from dark spots on the skin. They support eye evolution with an example: Fish that live for many generations in dark caves lose their eyesight.
Making fish go blind is the kind of thing that mutations (errors in copying DNA) might cause, but textbooks promoting evolution seem blind to the fact that fish going blind are not examples of eyes being formed, but being lost.
The speculation that eyes evolved from dark spots on the skin is contrary to the evidence: The most perfect eye lenses are found on trilobite fossils, index fossils of the Cambrian period. Fossils from before the Cambrian period were of soft bodied, mostly microscopic life. While fossil trilobite lenses are found by the thousands, the fossil record offers no evidence of lenses, or even of animals on which lenses could have been mounted, prior to the trilobites.
Atheistic evolutionist paleontologist Niles Eldredge of the American Museum of Natural History marvels:
“These lenses … optimize both light collecting and image formation better than any lens ever conceived. We can be justifiably amazed that these trilobites, very early in the history of life on Earth, hit upon the best possible lens design that optical physics has ever been able to formulate". YEAH RIGHT!


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