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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scurrilous Tract Circulating in Auckland

NZ Protestant League (NZPL) is at it again documenting some events in NZ and overseas involving Jim Bolger and Jim Andersons’ fellow church members. “Roman Catholic . . . DON’T read this, it might destroy your faith in your church!!” is the title of a small gospel leaflet produced by the League and currently being circulated in Auckland city and elsewhere.
The last publication distributed by the League got right up the noses of the Press and also the RC bishop of Auckland who subsequently agreed to an interview with the NZPL concerning the information put before the public regarding the protracted deviant immoral activity of the church’s priests around the world.
Now the League is at it again.
The NZ Beacon has obtained permission from the NZPL editor to reproduce extracts from the leaflet for those NZ Beacon readers down-country and elsewhere who may be interested in and benefit from the information ; -

Roman CATHOLIC’s . . . DON’T READ THIS!!” . . .it might destroy your faith in your church! Priests say “lies, lies!”, “hate literature”, but many priests, nuns, Mother Superiors and ordinary Roman Catholics have woken up, left the system and have given the ‘inside information”. Sincere Catholics worldwide are leaving their church and have turned to the Bible and become TRUE Christians because they have learned the truth about the counterfiet Christianity of Catholicism.
You wont find the following FACTS reported in the Media. As D. Beswick of Wellington documented a couple of decades ago, ninety percent of the NZ media (radio, TV and newspaper editorial staff) are Roman CATHOLIC by faith and/or background and schooling, and slant all news so that the Roman Catholic church is put in a good light and any who oppose her are suppressed or ridiculed.
Roman Catholic bigotry runs to the Race Relations Conciliator and the Human Rights Commission to try to prevent such facts becoming public, but the TRUTH has a funny habit of coming out.

*Catholic Matron persecutes Protestant nurse - An Auckland matron disciplined two nurses in the following manner..for the same violation of regulations...the Catholic girl was asked if she was going to Confession soon and when she replied Yes, was told by the Matron to “run along then”. But the Protestant girl was angrily told that her work record would be marked and that it would be made difficult for her to get a job anywhere in NZ.

*Catholic Postal Staff Caught Tampering With Protestant Mail - Roman Catholic staff regularly tampered with even REGISTERED mail of a Protestant organisation.

*Catholic Postmaster Fails in Frame-up of Protestants - A North Island postmaster, supported by a RC newspaper and local Catholics, sort to discredit a NZ Protestant group and implicate it in illegal activity. A Post Office Inspector from Investigations Office called for the RC newspaper’s apology when the facts were known.

*NZ Protestant Pushed in front of a Bus by Irate Catholic… An Auckland Christian was twice pushed in front of oncoming traffic because he spoke against the Catholic institution.

*Roman Catholic Landlord Discriminates against Protestant Tenant… Although possessing a signed and receipted Tenancy agreement to rent a Taranaki Roman Catholic’s property, a young Protestant couple, with infant, was subsequently ordered not to move in. The landlord had learned after signing the rental agreement, and taking four weeks rent in advance, that the young married couple were Protestants.

*Major Catholic Real Estate firm discriminates against Protestant…Every applicant for a position with a Roman Catholic Auckland-wide real estate firm was required to give his religion to the Director. A highly qualified Protestant applicant was advised that his application had failed and that no position was available in any of their offices in the forseeable future.

*Roman Catholic Jesuit Becomes Christian and Blows the Whistle on Monastery Morals! - After a huge campaign by Rome to discredit a recently converted Jesuit priest, his credentials now have been confirmed as true. A recent Australian publication documents their wide research into the ex-priest’s life , and claims and proves that Roman Catholicism is trying desperately to cover and silence his true testimony. Amongst many exposes he gives an eyewitness testimony to a mass grave of infants that resulted from the alliance of priests and nuns in their “celibate” monastery environment.

Dear Roman Catholic, all the host of Roman Catholics worldwide who have found the truth and left that counterfiet church of Rome, BEG you (as does the Bible) … come out of her that you don’t be a partaker of the fierce anger of God that is soon to descend upon her. You must become a TRUE Christian. Right now call upon the Lord Jesus Himself, without anyone between, and confess your sins to Him alone. He promiises to receive you and forgive ALL your sins immediately and FOREVER.

Once again the NZPL has hit the nail right on the head.
Copies of the complete leaflet are available on request to the NZ Beacon Editor.


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