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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Queen“Bloody” Mary and Paul

The record of dear Queen Mary’s antics is one part of English history that the Roman Catholic church would love to cover up!This precious Catholic English Monarch, daughter of Henry 8th, was indoctrinated from infancy with Popish dogma and tradition. She was a Papist of Papists. Conscientious, zealous, bigoted and narrow-minded to the extreme. She had hardly warmed the seat of the English throne before restoring the Mass, heaving out the English Protestant service, and outlawing the works of Luther, Zwingle, Calvin, Tyndale, and other scholars who were antagonistic to the Vatican’s cause. After booting out the leading Protestant churchmen from their jobs she imprisoned all those that weren’t quick enough to escape to the Continent. With the old statutes against heresy reinstated, the Pope’s henchman, Cardinal Pole on special invitation to English soil, and the vicious Bishop twins Bonner and Gardiner given a free hand, what chance did any Bible Believer have of escaping the bloody tragedy that followed.It was quite simple; either reject the Lord Jesus’ salvation through faith alone and accept the anti-christian Roman Catholic doctrines OR, be tied to a pole and BE BURNT ALIVE!Now let that sink in, dear non-Catholic Christian!It was either bow down to the Pope or say good-bye to the wife and children and get turned into a human torch.Soames, in Vol. 4, page 587, of his History of the Reformation, records the fact that this bigoted Roman Catholic Queen burned to ashes NO LESS THAN 288 human beings during the last four years of her reign. Indeed, as long as this devoted little Catholic was alive, the faggots never ceased to burn, and even in the last week before her death she treated Canterbury to no less than FIVE HUMAN BONFIRES!And remember, these peoples crimes were not theft, murder, drunkedness or immorality. On the contrary, they were some of the holiest and purest and most learned of England’s Christians. Their “crime” was that they wouldn’t kiss the “Holy Father’s” feet, that is, THEY KNEW WHO HE WAS!! There was no way that these believers were going to deny their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and bow down to an ANTI-CHRIST! And, unlike the luke-warm, sleepy, sissy Christians of today, they were prepared to “stand up for Jesus”, and in this case DIE for Him.And get this quite clear - Rome has never denied, apologised for, or repented of these horrible and devilish actions.Nor has she repented of her treatment of the Vaudois and the Albigenses. Nor has she repented of her scandalous wholesale murders of the Spanish Inquisition. Nor has she repented of the horrific massacre of St. Bartholomew.ROME NEVER CHANGES.ROME WILL NEVER ADMIT THAT SHE HAS MADE MISTAKES.If you talk to a Roman priest, bishop, cardinal or Pope today in 1982, he will tell you that things are different now. The Protestants have “shown” over the last 400 years that here must be something “in it” after all, to have lasted so long. When asked for formal statement of this claim the enquirer is directed to the documents of Vatican II. Get a copy of this paperback for yourself and see . . . ROME HAS NOT CHANGED . . . SHE IS JUST LYING AS USUAL!Rome will never succeed in shifting the responsibility for the death of millions of human beings off her shoulders no matter what platitudes she disarmingly mouths. And she will be directly responsible for the death of millions more before God destroys her.WAKE UP, Christian! Rome is NOT Christian! Any truly saved person in the R.C. religion is saved in spite of her teaching, not because of it. Archbishop Paul Reeves, Auckland’s Anglican Bishop, expects his flock to have decided on “ultimate unity” with Rome in time for the next Lambeth conference in 1988. Then the Catholic diocesan head of Auckland, bishop John Mackey and “brother Paul” will consummate their “courtship” (Star Weekender, Sept. 25, 1982).They will have their desire; one church. But let Anglican “brother Paul” know this; however loudly he may protest that he is a sound churchman,


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