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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NZ Beacon Announcement

The NZ Beacon is pleased to announce far and wide the good news that all Roman Catholics are not going to Purgatory when they die. Great news indeed for all those devout RC mums and Dads, priests and nuns and all the faithful of whatever age and standing with Mother church!
Think of it! NO PURGATORY! What a wonderful thing to be able to announce!! Instead of years, no, decades, no, CENTURIES, no, MILLENIA! to be spent writhing in horrible pain for all those venial sins that you never got sorted out at confessional, Mass (or any other credit system offered by the church) before you died. No wonder we are so pleased to announce it to all you dear RC folk!How do we know, you ask?? Why dear friend, we just read it in the BIBLE!! It says plainly that there is only Heaven or Hell! The only Purgatory (place of purging) in the Bible is the Cross of Calvary, and that is not for you or your priest, it was where the wonderful Saviour Himself "PURGED OUR SINS"! (Heb. 1:3) . When we die we either go straight to Hell or straight to Heaven depending only on whether we had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. HE paid for our sins, there is nothing left to pay!!If you believe that then we want to announce that you RC folk will NOT be going to your non-biblical, imaginary Purgatory to suffer for your own sins that were left over when you died!!What an announcment!! Please go and tell your pope because he doesn’t know the wonderful news!Go and tell your priests and nuns, go tell the Cardinal and your bishops! NO PURGATORY!!Hey! watch it, boy!! “Be careful, you say! Don’t you folk at the NZ Beacon know that you go to hell for your eternal sins, but that we RCs go to Purgatory for our venial sins? Our Council of Trent said (in Session XXII, c.2) that you Beacon-ites are surely on your way to hell right now for denying Purgatory exists! Don’t you know that you are cursed by our RC church for such a thought?You listen to us now . . ."If any one saith that after the gift of justification has been received, to every penitent sinner the guilt is remitted and the debt of eternal punishment is blotted out in such a way that no debt of temporal punishment remains to be discharged either in this world or IN PURGATORY, before the entrance into the Kingdom of heaven can be opened to him; LET HIM BE ANATHEMA" ! Do you know what "anathema" means, Beaky-boy? CURSED!! Yeah, CURSED!! So you better be careful eh?!”Oh well, we thought we would tell you dear RC folk anyway, and by the way, our Queen thinks your Purgatory is a load of cobblers as well, she says it is "a vain INVENTION, in other words, you just made it up and it is not founded upon Scripture. Not the sort of thing to get wrong is it?! "As for me and my house", we would rather go by what the BIBLE says, than what your RC church says. ooOOooAxel and Delwyn Schmidt in New Zealand At last the Schmidts are together and planning to be in NZ, Delwyn’s home country, at the end of December 2006 and the most part of January 2007, to visit family and the many friends and fellow-believers that supported them by prayer and petition during their long ordeal.
During a recent phone conversation with the editor of NZ Beacon, Axel expressed a desire to meet as many as possible of those that supported his family over the thirteen years of their struggle against the injustice of the French judiciary. This will be Axel’s first visit to our country and he would be happy to address any meetings that we may be able to set up for him in different locations, small or not so small, to give a first-hand report of the events that most of you have only heard second or third hand, and to personally express the family’s gratitude for the help they received over those long and painful years.Please write to the editor, email or standard mail, to help the NZ Beacon staff organise such meetings.
We are really looking forward to the arrival of the dear family, yes, the children are coming too!!, so please write and advise if you can arrange any house-meeting or whatever, so that you can put faces to the names that have been special to us over here for so long. Email address for the Editor is;- Or standard mail;- NZ Beacon, PO Box 125009, Auckland 1071.[Please advise the editor of any meetings proposed, by end of October ].


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