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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Biblical examination of the Queen of Heaven's messages in the end times

Based upon the powerful video by the same name, author Jim Tetlow has produced a great tool to reach Catholic loved ones with the Gospel. At first, the book seems written by someone who is very favorable to the Marian apparitions appearing worldwide. Tetlow does not deny that something is happening. But as he develops his thought, he brings the reader to the realization that what is appearing is not the Virgin Mary, but a demonic impersonator, teaching doctrines that disagree with the very words of Jesus! Not one to leave a job half-done, Tetlow then presents the simple truth of salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ. One word of caution to our readers Tetlow uses the New King James Version for his scripture texts. While we certainly wish he had used the Authorized King James Version for its greater accuracy, we believe this book has such a great message that we are making it available anyway. You can give it to Catholic loved ones, and they will likely receive and read it through. Below you will find the text on the back cover, which shows the general tone of the book and its presentation to Catholic readers.Send cheque for $25.00 plus $5 P&H to
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