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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All to Bring Victoria Home

Author: Delwyn Jones Schmidt
Pages: 296
$20.00 plus $5 P&H

Who could have imagined what the future would hold for a Frenchman and a New Zealand girl? After marrying in 1985, they lived outside of Paris for several years and had a daughter, Victoria. Their world was torn apart when Victoria disappeared one day in a dawn raid on their home by local police.Axel and Delwyn were told nothing about Victoria or where she was being held. They exhausted all known avenues for help, and soon discovered that they were fighting a seemingly hopeless battle against a relentless adversary on a witch-hunt against religious minorities.Their seven-year struggle to free Victoria involved court cases, pleas to the New Zealand government, and a desperate search for help in the United Kingdom.This is their story.
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