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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism

By David I Kertzer

"...Might there be some link, they asked, between the destruction of Europe's Jews and "the attitudes down the centuries of the (many) Christians (Roman Catholics) toward the Jews?..."
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Remember all Adolf Hitler's SS were Roman Catholics

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How the Vatican created Islam

How the Vatican created Islam. The astonishing story from an ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, which was told to him by Cardinal Bea while he was at the Vatican.2006 04 13 By Alberto Rivera

One Book Stands Alone

One Book Stands Alone tackles one of the most pressing spiritual debates of our time – identifying God's preserved word in the English language.
Unique in its method of presentation, One Book Stands Alone shows up in a class of its own. Written from a Bible believing perspective, yet with an objective non-offensive approach, the material has had a profound impact upon Christians less familiar with the King James Bible issue. Yet, those better versed on the subject have been blessed and strengthened through the wealth of new information presented.
McCowen Publishers

Friday, September 15, 2006

My personal testimony…

Steve Sturgeon was almost killed in a car smash in 1975. His best buddy, who drove the car, was killed. Steve was aged 19. He was a dropout from university, but a very wealthy dealer in drugs. This tape tells of his running drugs from Jamaica to the USA in swallowed condoms, and of the immense money he made. He’d had numerous criminal convictions, been in jail nine times, yet his success in dealing drugs was unstoppable.

This tape tells of his encounter with the Mafia, when he was almost ‘erased’, his depression, his frustration at having so much money, but so much despair. It’s also a humorous testimony as he describes flushing his A Grade marijuana down several toilets, and blocking them all! You’ll hear about Jeff Musser, aged 20, who opened Steve’s eyes to the truths in the bible. (Sadly, Jeff lost his own physical eyesight, and is now totally blind, but still living victoriously for the Lord.)

Steve Sturgeon is now aged fifty - (in 2006) and has been Pastor of the Dillon Baptist Church, in Montana, for the past 24 years. He is the Principal and founder of the Dillon Bible Institute, and is recognised internationally as one of the world’s foremost bible teachers and expounders of the scriptures. He is also a padre in the US Army, in addition to continuing his work in Dillon, Montana. His soul-winning is legendary, and his fearless preaching polarises people – of that there’s no doubt! His tapes and MP3s have a worldwide distribution.

Yet Steve is a humble, ‘man’s man’, who loves hunting and the outdoor life. He is married to Mary, and the father of three teenage children. He lives an active life.

This cassette continues on side two, and ends suddenly when the tape runs out. That’s a pity, yet as Steve says, “He must increase, but I must decrease”. John 3:30


The above notes were compiled by Dr Spackman

For further information, or additional copies of this tape: Contact:

Dr Dennis Spackman
25 Ngaroma Road
Auckland 1023
New Zealand
or Email: at

Cannibal Jim

James Patrick Anderton, deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, eats man’s flesh in ancient and bizarre religious ceremony.
Jim Anderton is the leader of a minor NZ political party (the Alliance) which, in coalition with the major Labour Party, has become the present government of the country, and thus placed Jimmy-boy in the second highest politicians’ job.
What’s wrong with that, you ask? Absolutely nothing, we reply. Our democracy votes in who it likes and pays the consequences for the next three years.
What Kiwi doesnt know that and who generally cares?
But our Jim is different.
In his private life he is a member of a religious organisation (which forms 13.88% of our population) which, amongst other strange beliefs, claims to change a wafer of wheat meal or some such thing, into actual FLESH, and some wine into actual BLOOD. And the priests of this strange group, and its devotees, then partake of the fare.
And Jimmy-boy Anderton has been doing this since he was a ‘wee fella’.
You dont believe it?
Well friend, it is true whether you believe it or not.
“But it is just SYMBOLIC”, you protest, “they dont REALLY eat flesh and drink blood, they are just performing a ceremony that is symbolic and just represents flesh and blood”.
No, friend, you are WRONG. Jim firmly believes this, and so does his bishop.
Jim’s church says it actually turns the little wafer into man’s flesh for him to eat. He believes it, and he eats it. And people criticise the tangata whenua (NZ natives) for being cannibals in the past! Jimmy Anderton, our erstwhile deputy Prime Minister, is doing it today, and his church admits it.
What a scandal! Now we know that it is not ILLEGAL for cannibal Jim to eat man’s flesh or even drink blood (check with the Police or your solicitor to confirm this) but dont you think it is a little grotesque for our leaders to be involved in such a bizarre activity? And without shame either. No wonder free-thinking men and women are revolted by such a business.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Roman Catholic Religion is a counterfeit Christianity

By Ed Davidson
Roman Catholicism dupes its followers and a large portion of the world (including the West) into thinking that IT is the church which the Lord Jesus Christ founded upon himself. It has, like a counterfeit bank note, likenesses so clever that only careful study will reveal that it is without true authority from heaven, and is in fact a religio-politico organization using Christianity as a disguise under which it operates to bring in a one-world-order over which it shall briefly preside.The Holy Scriptures teaches that the religion of Roman Catholicism is the prophesied antichrist organization used by the Adversary, Satan, the Devil, to deceive millions of human beings. It will, in the latter days, itself be destroyed just prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth.Roman Catholicism has its own pseudo "Bible", it has its own pseudo Lord’s Supper, it has its own pseudo "way of salvation" , its own pseudo priesthood, its own pseudo ‘Christians" and its own pseudo Holy Father.The system has misappropriated Bible names and doctrines for its own use, to construct a gross imitation of the true church on earth, the real Body of Christ.A thousand articles like this have been written over the years and hundreds if not thousands of books too, that shout out a warning to true Christian people who have been and are being fooled into thinking that because this system uses biblical phrases and talks of biblical doctrines, then it is legitimate. It is not. And just because many of the people who are involved with, and part of, the system are ordinary people and people of goodwill , this does not mean that the system is acceptable. It is not.Romanism is identified in the Scripture as an ANTICHRISTIAN system, doomed for destruction, and any of God’s people who become involved with it in any way are commanded to get away from it.At present, through powerful influence over the NZ media, TV, radio and print, many thousands of Kiwi Christians are in dangerous sympathy and even alliance with this system, its pseudo-Christian spirituality, and its ecumenical and charismatic operations. Many items of news or comment are presented by, or involve, Romanists or Romanist organisations, and repeatedly we see the "Christian" viewpoint on some issue will feature the single opinion of none less that the Romanist bishop of Auckland.A Spiritual 5th columnMany Romanist teachers, male and female, are in influential places in Christian schools, even in well-known Protestant learning institutions, many Romanist politicians at local and national level are used wittingly or not, in supporting Romanist interests in our democratic society.

A Tribute to Steve Bolton

Some years back we ran an article in the NZ Beacon giving Steve Bolton’s testimony. It was taken from a tract he had written himself which told of his start as a Roman Catholic altar boy in the UK to his being freed from the superstition and bondage of that hell-bound system into the ‘glorious liberty" of being born again by the Spirit of the living God and made into a new creature in Christ Jesus.And that tract of testimony has been around New Zealand over the years as well as being published in the NZ Beacon.Steve Bolton was a man, he was a "chippy", having both carpentry and cabinet-making qualifications in the ‘trade’. And Stevey-boy was a big and tall with it.He got saved when he was about forty and kept going for the next twenty two years until the Lord took him to Himself.Since his salvation brother Steve tirelessly witnessed for the Lord Jesus at work as well as each week on Friday nights downtown in Queen Street, Aucklands main street and New Zealand’s biggest city.He rarely missed a street-preaching session over the years, and has been responsible for the passing out of tens of thousands of Gospel tracts as well as preaching.He graduated from the NZ Protestant Bible School and taught in a local church in Auckland.Stevey-boy was what we call a trench-warfare Authorised Bible man, not a sissy cream-puff men-pleaser, and was frequently involved in ‘missions’ into enemy territory with posters and leaflets warning about the works of his old master, Roman Catholicism.Now he has ‘gone Home".The cancer took old Stevey to his Maker, his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whom he loved and served.Good on you Stevey-boy, we miss you "heaps"!Rest now and we’ll see you soon.

What exactly are the "autographs"?

What exactly are the "autographs"?
Part One . . ."Autographs" are the author’s writings in his own hand (‘auto’ – self, and ‘graph’ – write), so the autograph of the epistle to the Romans, for example, would be the actual original words of the Apostle, written, in whatever language he used, on the actual original piece(s) of paper (or leather or whatever) by Paul himself (or by his ‘secretary’ at Paul’s dictation).That is, the autographs are the only time and place when the original words and the original sheet(s) were together.That, and that alone, is what is meant by referring to the autograph of any writing.The words on the paper are often referred to as the "text", or in the case of the autographs they are called the "original text" or the "autographic text".After the autographs are written on the original pieces of paper, the words of those autographs may then be reproduced in different ways.They may be copied in the same language, or they may be translated into a different language.CopiesNow copies may be good and accurate copies of those originals, reproducing, word by word, exactly what the original text said, or they may be copies containing mistakes, and those mistakes may be intentional or by accident.So when we are looking at a copy of a text we need to know whether it is an accurate copy or an inaccurate one.An accurate copy is of course just as reliable as the autographs, while an inaccurate copy may have only a few words different from the original text or have many different words.TranslationsThe original text may also be translated into a completely different language altogether from the language of the autographic text, e.g. an Aramaic original may be translated into a Greek language translation, or an English language original may be translated into a Maori language translation, and here the original language is often referred to as the "donor" language and the translation language is referred to as the "receptor" language.This is a quite different scenario to the copying of the original text.Opinion as to correctness of the translation, or its simplicity or difficulty, its awkwardness or suitableness for young or old readers, whether it is a literal translation or whether it has a "dynamic equivalence" etc etc, is a huge issue and widely debated. Some argue that a translation could never be authoritative, because it is, after all, only a translation. However if God wished to translate then it surely would be perfect and authoritative. And indeed, God HAS translated, many times, and the translation is of equal authority as the original. For example in Mark 15:34 we read "Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani", which being interpreted (i.e. translated) is, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"So not only God can, but has, produced perfect translation.NOT the originalsA copy then, is either without error or is flawed, while a translation is not as easy to decide its condition.But while copies of autographs may be good copies, exact and correct in every word, and while translations may also be either good, bad or indifferent, neither copies nor translations are the "autographs" , even though an accurate copy and a God-given translation are of equal value and authority as the original.Autographs then are different in kind to copies and translations, but may not be different in authority, availability, and usefulness.What about the Autographs of the BIBLE?The autographs of any of the Bible books do not appear to be in existence today, Old Testament or New Testament.And even if one of those ancient scrolls or books or pieces of paper were discovered now in the 21st century it is unlikely that they would have written on them - "This is the autograph of the Epistle to the Romans", or "This is the original of Genesis", and if they did, would we believe it or would we think it a hoax or pseudo writing? And how could we know?No one anywhere on the earth claims to have the original writing of any of the 66 books of the Holy Scriptures. That is a fact.And this FACT is of supreme importance when discussing or studying the "Bible Issue".We simply do not have the originals of any of the Bible books, the closest we have is copies or translations.And this raises many important questions as to the autographic texts and their present form and availability for the Bible-believer today, and that will be the subject of the next article on this vital issue."Thy word is very pure"

Do You REALLY Know What the Bible Is?

By Ed Davidson
What, exactly, is your Bible?
On what, exactly, are you placing your hope of eternal life and forgiveness of sins? Ask yourself these questions and make yourself give you a clear answer!!
The following article contains thoughts that have helped others in the past to grasp the seriousness of this issue, and get their thinking sorted out.
You are currently in one of two positions, whether you realise it or not ;-

1. you have a book (or books) that you call your "Bible", but you don’t actually believe every word in it (them), or,

2. you have a book that you call your Bible and you do really and truly and completely believe every word in that book.

The authority for the Christian church is the Bible.The Christian believes what he believes because the Bible says so.
E.g. 1 - "the Creator visited the earth in a man’s body, as a Jewish carpenter". How bizarre, yet the Christian believes it because his Bible says so.
E.g. 2 - "that carpenter walked on water and made the waves and winds to calm down". A big call, but again, the Christian believes it because the Bible says it happened.
E.g. 3 - "that same carpenter raised dead bodies and gave sight back to blind people etc " - and once again, the Christian believes such startling and amazing things just because the Bible says they happened.
Eg. 4 - "that carpenter was born of a virgin", - something which, at the most, only TWO witnesses on the face of the earth could even claim to have knowledge of, yet the Christian believes such an astounding and unnatural event simply because his "Bible" says it is true!

Now if the Bible is a divine revelation in writing, then it is the most rational thing to do to believe such hard-to-believe, hard-to-prove things as those four examples given above, as well as believe the hundreds of other equally hard-to-believe things the Bible talks about.
If the Bible is really God’s written revelation then of course you would believe it, and study it, and base your actions on it, to the best of your ability.

But what, exactly, is "the Bible"?!

There are hundreds of different versions of the Christian Bible available, with different but similar titles, all claiming that they are the "Bible" or the "Holy Scriptures" or the "Word of God", but, the wording is different in each one.
When I ask the readers/owners of one of those versions this question - "Is that book you have there REALLY the Bible?" they tell me that it is only a TRANSLATION of "the Bible".
When I ask them, "OK then, can I get the REAL Bible, the one that your one is translated from?" then the conversation goes something like this ; -"Oh, you'll have to go the originals, the Greek New Testament".
"OK then, where can I get that?"
"Well, there are many different ones of those too"!
"OK, so which one is the REAL one?"
"Well, the scholars are still working on getting back to the original Bible".
"So where is the actual ORIGINAL Bible then?"
"The ORIGINAL Bible is lost, but the scholars are working on deciding exactly what it originally said. They are nearly there, and nothing important is affected anyway".
"But , if they dont have the actual original Bible then how will they know what it originally said?"
How will they know whether they are getting closer or whether they are getting further away if they don’t know what the original words were anyway?"
Aren’t they just guessing or hoping?
And if you don’t have the "originals" how do you even know what LANGUAGE the original words were in?
Would the eternal God give us such an important written record of his words and his will and his commandments and his purposes then go and LOSE it?
Does that make sense to you??
Why would he do that?
And, on top of that, then tell us not to ADD anything to his words, and not to take away anything from his words, and tell us to live by every word , when we cant even FIND them all?
Do you really believe he would do that?

ASK yourself these questions, and get the answers!

More on this matter in the next issue of the NZ Beacon, Lord willing.

A Doctrine of Devils

By Ed Davidson
Charismatic Movement’s "Speaking in Tongues" is a Devilish False Doctrine. The Authorised Bible describes such gibberish as "profane and vain babblings" in 2 Tim. 2:16 and says that such babble will lead to more ungodliness and therefore must be shunned. The following report by Jim Brown of the Agape Press will demonstrate the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures in warning God’s people about such delusions. " Two families have filed a negligence lawsuit against a religious club at a Nashville high school, alleging that their teenage daughters suffered physical and emotional injuries as a result of their involvement in the so-called "VictoryClub." Parents of two female students at Hillsboro High School have filed a negligence suit against the school and the "Victory Club," a group sponsored by the Bethel World Outreach Center. The two Nashville families involved in the suit are accusing the Victory Club and Bethel of brainwashing their teenaged daughters with bizarre, cult-like teachings. The plaintiffs' attorney, David Lyons, says one of the girls attempted suicide after Bethel and Victory Club leaders pressured her into speaking in tongues and told her to stop taking her medication. "She felt intimidated by it," he says, "and so she said she started to speak in a language that was just gibberish." At this, Lyons says the club leaders reportedly "all fell back and said, 'Praise God! You've been touched by the Holy Spirit. You're speaking in tongues.'" He says the girl, however, maintains that she made up what she said and that "she was just speaking gibberish to get them away from her." Also, the counsel for the plaintiffs notes, Victory Club and Bethel leaders told one of the teens she had to fast for several days in order to strengthen her walk with God. But the lawyer contends this led to the girl's falling "out of touch with reality," and her behavior became increasingly alarming. "She wasn't eating, she wasn't sleeping, and she was talking in tongues 24-7," Lyons notes. "During class she would get up and begin to speak in tongues" and would "preach and quote scripture all day long." And, in addition to her other erratic behavior, the girl would not bathe. "Her mother had to watch her 24 hours a day," the attorney says, "to ensure that she would take care of her personal hygiene and wouldn't harm herself." The teen eventually had to be hospitalized for severe dehydration and malnourishment. After being admitted to the hospital's psychiatric unit, she was diagnosed as suffering from "religious indoctrination." Bethel spokesman Michael Swain declined to comment on the suit against the church and the Victory Club. Bethel World Outreach Center is a member of the Every Nation family of churches, which is part of "The New Order of the Latter Rain." The "New Order" is a cult movement that covertly believes its leaders are the collective reincarnation of Jesus Christ." New Zealand churches have been afflicted now with the results of accepting such ‘Charismatic’ false doctrine for probably 40-50 years since their leaders have been calling for more "love" and "unity" and acceptance of other denominations. The Roman Catholic system has used the ecumenical movement and the Charismatic movement’s false "healings" and "tongue-speaking" to produce a widespread acceptance of such anti-scriptural behaviour, and the things that have been recorded in the above report will soon happen in New Zealand.. From such things and people we are commanded - "withdraw yourselves" [2 Thess. 3:16]

"A Vapour . . . "

By Ed Davidson
Accountability and Opportunity
"For what is your life?" asks the Scripture in James 4:14, - "it is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away".
The brevity and fragility of our life is a fact so solemn and profound that you would think that we, as Christians, would all at least get the message that this very hour may be our last few moments upon this earth. As we watch the old folk slip predictably away as their tabernacles wax old as doth a garment, and the young, even infants, swept off the scene by tragedy of accident, war or disease, we are reminded indeed daily that this life is brief, as a vapour.
There are therefore two strands of thought that should dominate the thinking of every Bible-believer’s mind - Accountability and Opportunity.
Accountability encapsulates the whole idea of being held responsible for our actions, each and every one of them, and God’s promise that we will not avoid nor escape the just retributions for our every thought, word and deed that we have had and done during our time here on earth.
Opportunity is that whole idea and truth of our chance (a good Biblical word – look in your concordance!) to do things in the current environment of darkness, evil and warfare that characterises this "present evil world", the special opportunity we have to stand and work and fight for an absent Lord in the presence of His enemies.
We will not have this special opportunity once we leave this scene. So, with these two profound thoughts in mind, let us "gird up our minds" and "present our bodies" to our Lord and Saviour in heaven, as we, in this "little while", still live upon the earth in this evil age. ooo