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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Three “Christian” Farmers Get the Bullet

According to Reuters report of 5.20am Thursday September 21, 2006, the Pope asked for clemency for three Indonesian farmers found guilty of leading a mob that killed some Muslims in Central Sulawesi. Back in 2001 the men were sentenced to death by the Indonesian authorities for being responsible for the deaths of around 200 Muslim men and women, 70 of which were in a boarding school. Now any person who has studied the history of the Roman Catholic church knows very well that Popes don’t ask for clemency for true Christian Bible-believers, they KILL them. Far from seeking their deliverance, successive popes have ensured the destruction of such. Now it doesn’t take a Ph.D to guess the religion of these three condemned men. While called “Christians” by the media, they were no doubt ROMAN CATHOLIC, and hence the call by the pope for their deliverance.Some historical reports give the number of those murdered and slaughtered by the papacy as nearly seventy MILLION.
Far from wanting “clemency” for such dear believers in Chirst Jesus the Lord, the popes considered it their duty to kill them! .


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