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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Roman Catholic Religion is a counterfeit Christianity

Roman Catholicism dupes its followers and a large portion of the world (including the West) into thinking that IT is the church which the Lord Jesus Christ founded upon himself. It has, like a counterfeit bank note, likenesses so clever that only careful study will reveal that it is without true authority from heaven, and is in fact a religio-politico organization using Christianity as a disguise under which it operates to bring in a one-world-order over which it shall briefly preside.The Holy Scriptures teach that the religion of Roman Catholicism is the prophesied antichrist organization used by the Adversary, Satan, the Devil, to deceive millions of human beings. It will, in the latter days, itself be destroyed just prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth.Roman Catholicism has its own pseudo “Bible”, it has its own pseudo “Lord’s Supper,” it has its own pseudo “way of salvation” , its own pseudo “priesthood,” its own pseudo “Christians” and its own pseudo “Holy Father.”The system has misappropriated Bible names and doctrines for its own use, to construct a gross imitation of the true church on earth, the real Body of Christ.A thousand articles like this have been written over the years and hundreds if not thousands of books too, that shout out a warning to true Christian people who have been and are being fooled into thinking that because this system uses biblical phrases and talks of biblical doctrines, then it is legitimate. It is not. And just because many of the people who are involved with, and part of, the system are ordinary people and people of goodwill , this does not mean that the system is acceptable. It is not.Romanism is identified in the Scripture as an ANTICHRISTIAN system, doomed for destruction, and any of God’s people who become involved with it in any way are commanded to get away from it.A Spiritual 5th columnAt present, through powerful influence over the NZ media, TV, radio and print, many thousands of Kiwi Christians are in dangerous sympathy and even alliance with this system, its pseudo-Christian spirituality, and its ecumenical and charismatic operations. Many items of news or comment are presented by, or involve, Romanists or Romanist organisations, and repeatedly we see the “Christian” viewpoint on some issue will feature the single opinion of none less that the Romanist bishop of Auckland, or PR Lyndsey Freer from Waitato.Many Romanist teachers, male and female, are in influential places in Christian schools, even in well-known Protestant learning institutions, many Romanist politicians at local and national level are used wittingly or not, in supporting Romanist interests in our democratic society.


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