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Sunday, September 10, 2006

"A Vapour . . . "

By Ed Davidson
Accountability and Opportunity
"For what is your life?" asks the Scripture in James 4:14, - "it is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away".
The brevity and fragility of our life is a fact so solemn and profound that you would think that we, as Christians, would all at least get the message that this very hour may be our last few moments upon this earth. As we watch the old folk slip predictably away as their tabernacles wax old as doth a garment, and the young, even infants, swept off the scene by tragedy of accident, war or disease, we are reminded indeed daily that this life is brief, as a vapour.
There are therefore two strands of thought that should dominate the thinking of every Bible-believer’s mind - Accountability and Opportunity.
Accountability encapsulates the whole idea of being held responsible for our actions, each and every one of them, and God’s promise that we will not avoid nor escape the just retributions for our every thought, word and deed that we have had and done during our time here on earth.
Opportunity is that whole idea and truth of our chance (a good Biblical word – look in your concordance!) to do things in the current environment of darkness, evil and warfare that characterises this "present evil world", the special opportunity we have to stand and work and fight for an absent Lord in the presence of His enemies.
We will not have this special opportunity once we leave this scene. So, with these two profound thoughts in mind, let us "gird up our minds" and "present our bodies" to our Lord and Saviour in heaven, as we, in this "little while", still live upon the earth in this evil age. ooo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you christians are pessimists, no wonder the world is going the way it is, you shouldnt be looking for everything to end in some horrible destruction but be optimistic and work together with everybody else to make the world one big bright happy place...we are making great progress, just a few wars here and there and a few hundred thousand human beings getting slaughtered each day doesnt mean we are knackered. Everybody is getting nicer and nicer to each other and we'll get it right soon,
Peter Murphy

7:06 PM  

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