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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Tribute to Steve Bolton

Some years back we ran an article in the NZ Beacon giving Steve Bolton’s testimony. It was taken from a tract he had written himself which told of his start as a Roman Catholic altar boy in the UK to his being freed from the superstition and bondage of that hell-bound system into the ‘glorious liberty" of being born again by the Spirit of the living God and made into a new creature in Christ Jesus.And that tract of testimony has been around New Zealand over the years as well as being published in the NZ Beacon.Steve Bolton was a man, he was a "chippy", having both carpentry and cabinet-making qualifications in the ‘trade’. And Stevey-boy was a big and tall with it.He got saved when he was about forty and kept going for the next twenty two years until the Lord took him to Himself.Since his salvation brother Steve tirelessly witnessed for the Lord Jesus at work as well as each week on Friday nights downtown in Queen Street, Aucklands main street and New Zealand’s biggest city.He rarely missed a street-preaching session over the years, and has been responsible for the passing out of tens of thousands of Gospel tracts as well as preaching.He graduated from the NZ Protestant Bible School and taught in a local church in Auckland.Stevey-boy was what we call a trench-warfare Authorised Bible man, not a sissy cream-puff men-pleaser, and was frequently involved in ‘missions’ into enemy territory with posters and leaflets warning about the works of his old master, Roman Catholicism.Now he has ‘gone Home".The cancer took old Stevey to his Maker, his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whom he loved and served.Good on you Stevey-boy, we miss you "heaps"!Rest now and we’ll see you soon.


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