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Friday, September 15, 2006

My personal testimony…

Steve Sturgeon was almost killed in a car smash in 1975. His best buddy, who drove the car, was killed. Steve was aged 19. He was a dropout from university, but a very wealthy dealer in drugs. This tape tells of his running drugs from Jamaica to the USA in swallowed condoms, and of the immense money he made. He’d had numerous criminal convictions, been in jail nine times, yet his success in dealing drugs was unstoppable.

This tape tells of his encounter with the Mafia, when he was almost ‘erased’, his depression, his frustration at having so much money, but so much despair. It’s also a humorous testimony as he describes flushing his A Grade marijuana down several toilets, and blocking them all! You’ll hear about Jeff Musser, aged 20, who opened Steve’s eyes to the truths in the bible. (Sadly, Jeff lost his own physical eyesight, and is now totally blind, but still living victoriously for the Lord.)

Steve Sturgeon is now aged fifty - (in 2006) and has been Pastor of the Dillon Baptist Church, in Montana, for the past 24 years. He is the Principal and founder of the Dillon Bible Institute, and is recognised internationally as one of the world’s foremost bible teachers and expounders of the scriptures. He is also a padre in the US Army, in addition to continuing his work in Dillon, Montana. His soul-winning is legendary, and his fearless preaching polarises people – of that there’s no doubt! His tapes and MP3s have a worldwide distribution.

Yet Steve is a humble, ‘man’s man’, who loves hunting and the outdoor life. He is married to Mary, and the father of three teenage children. He lives an active life.

This cassette continues on side two, and ends suddenly when the tape runs out. That’s a pity, yet as Steve says, “He must increase, but I must decrease”. John 3:30


The above notes were compiled by Dr Spackman

For further information, or additional copies of this tape: Contact:

Dr Dennis Spackman
25 Ngaroma Road
Auckland 1023
New Zealand
or Email: at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does Steve and his wife MARY think of the Roman Catholic religion?

9:10 PM  
Blogger randy pierson said...

Stavros, I have emailed Chaqplain Steve and asked him to reply to your question, will let you know the result

7:44 AM  

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